Indice di Nascite - 1831
Index of Births - 1831
Torricella Peligna


Note 1: Names beginning with d`, di, de or del are sorted with the root name. For example: d'Ambrosio = A; di Stefano = S

Note 2: The 'Record No.' refers to the record on the LDS microfilm reel.
This year is on reel No. 1384896

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Sex  Date
Event  Father  Mother  Paternal
Notes  Father's
d'Ambrosio, Mariangela F 6/11/1831 Birth d'Ambrosio, Giuseppe Piccone, Maria Giuseppa     Child also listed as "Mariangiola" in entry. dyer 79
  d'Ambrosio, Pietro M 10/10/1831 Birth d'Ambrosio, Saverio d'Amico, Angela       farmer 116
  d'Amico, Anastasia F 5/21/1831 Birth d'Amico, Domenico Bellini, Domenica       farmer 66
  d'Amico, Antonio M 2/22/1831 Birth d'Amico, Tomaso diTomaso, Domenica       farmer 21
  d'Amico, Antonio M 6/1/1831 Birth d'Amico, Giovanni Piccirelli, Mariantonia       farmer 74
  d'Amico, Antonio M 10/5/1831 Birth d'Amico, Domenico Ficca, Maria       farmer 114
  d'Amico, Maria Nicola F 2/3/1831 Birth d'Amico, Camillo Saraceni, Angiola Chiara       farmer 11
  d'Amico, Nicola M 5/1/1831 Birth d'Amico, Benedetto Piccirelli, Luisa       farmer 57
  d'Amico, Rosa F 1/9/1831 Birth d'Amico, Nicola Persichitti, Angela d'Amico, Luigi     farmer 1
  d'Amico, Rosa F 6/6/1831 Birth d'Amico, Domenicangelo diFabrizio, Maria       farmer 76
  Antrilli, Antonia F 12/4/1831 Birth Antrilli, Carmine Ulisse, Petronilda Antrilli, Alesandro     farmer 129
Bellini, Maria F 6/10/1831 Birth Bellini, Camillo Trasatto, Rosa       farmer 78
  Bonanni, Vincenzo M 2/20/1831 Birth Bonanni, Pietro deVincentiis, Celidonia       doctor 20
Carapella, Carmine M 1/20/1831 Birth Carapella, Nicolantonio Teti, Maria     Birth record witnessed by Sozio Amorosi. farmer 6
  Carapella, Francesco M 5/28/1831 Birth Carapella, Pietrantonio Teti, Anna Luigia       farmer 70
  Carapella, Irene F 4/3/1831 Birth Carapella, Camillo Teti, Concezia     Birth record witnessed by Filippo Mirolli. shoemaker 37
  Carapella, Vincenzo M 12/26/1831 Birth Carapella, Giovanni Conicella, Maria       farmer 136
  diCino, Domenico M 4/17/1831 Birth diCino, Nicola diTomaso, Maria       farmer 47
  diCino, Lorenzo M 8/9/1831 Birth diCino, Stefano Ficca, Lucia       farmer 94
  Coladonato, Anna Maria F 4/19/1831 Birth Coladonato, Falco Piccirelli, Maria Vincenza       farmer 49
  Coladonato, Francesca F 8/12/1831 Birth Coladonato, Pasquale Carapella, Berardina     No mention in entry but child appears to be a twin of child listed in entry #97. farmer 98
  Coladonato, Maria F 8/12/1831 Birth Coladonato, Pasquale Carapella, Berardina     No mention in entry but child appears to be a twin of child listed in entry #98. farmer 97
  Conicella, Angelo M 9/30/1831 Birth Conicella, Sebastiano diFabrizio, Rosaria       farmer 113
  Conicella, Antonia F 9/28/1831 Birth Conicella, Antonio diMaio, Eusebia       farmer 111
  Conicella, Domenico M 12/4/1831 Birth Conicella, Agostino d'Amico, Camilla       farmer 130
diFabrizio, Luigi M 3/13/1831 Birth diFabrizio, Camillo d'Ulisse, Domenica       farmer 32
  diFabrizio, Maria Nicola F 8/22/1831 Birth diFabrizio, Camillo Conicella, Maria       farmer 100
  diFabrizio, Nicola M 7/13/1831 Birth father uncertain diFabrizio, Giovanna         84
  diFabrizio, Nunzia F 5/8/1831 Birth diFabrizio, Domenico diPietrantonio, Eusebia       farmer 59
  diFabrizio, Vincenza F 11/11/1831 Birth diFabrizio, Pasquale diIorio, Camilla       farmer 120
  Ficca, Angiola F 5/30/1831 Birth Ficca, Vincenzo Porreca, Berardina       farmer 72
  Ficca, Antonio M 1/10/1831 Birth Ficca, Carminantonio Crivelli, Angiola Ficca, Benigno     farmer 3
  Ficca, Antonio M 8/15/1831 Birth Ficca, Domenico Conicella, Rosa       farmer 99
  Ficca, Carmina F 2/23/1831 Birth Ficca, Carmine d'Amico, Anastasia       farmer 22
  Ficca, Domenico M 2/24/1831 Birth Ficca, Biase del Pizzo, Anastasia Ficca, Nicola     farmer 24
  Ficca, Donato M 2/23/1831 Birth Ficca, Giuseppe Piccone, Carmina Ficca, Donato     farmer 23
  Ficca, Maria F 5/18/1831 Birth Ficca, Antonio Mancini, Maddalena       farmer 62
  Ficca, Rosa F 9/5/1831 Birth Ficca, Berardino Gentile, Liberata       farmer 103
  Furia, Anna F 7/25/1831 Birth Furia, Antonio Bellini, Nunzia       farmer 90
  Furia, Berenice F 3/15/1831 Birth Furia, Vincenzo diStefano, Maria Vincenza       proprietor 34
  Furia, Giuseppe M 5/20/1831 Birth Furia, Domenico Talone, Maria Furia, Pietrangelo     farmer 65
Garzia, Crescenzo M 4/21/1831 Birth Garzia, Giuseppe Teti, Maria Vincenza Garzia, Donato     farmer 51
  diGregorio, Carmine M 10/21/1831 Birth diGregorio, Nicolangelo diGregorio, Camilla       farmer 117
diIorio, Chiara F 4/12/1831 Birth diIorio, Giovanni Porreca, Pasqua Rosa       farmer 43
  diIorio, Maria Giuseppa F 12/28/1831 Birth diIorio, Angelo d'Ambrosio, Domenica       farmer 137
  diIorio, Mariangiola F 11/29/1831 Birth diIorio, Domenico diIorio, Mariantonia       proprietor 127
  diIorio, Mariantonia F 2/28/1831 Birth diIorio, Donato Ruggieri, Rosa       farmer 25
  diIorio, Mariantonia F 9/19/1831 Birth diIorio, Giovanni d'Ulisse, Colomba       farmer 106
diLegge, Pietro M 12/3/1831 Birth diLegge, Luigi Piccoli, Lucia       farmer 128
  diLuzio, Anna Luigia F 4/20/1831 Birth diLuzio, Giuseppe Piccirelli, Domenica diLuzio, Biase     farmer 50
  diLuzio, Giuseppe M 12/10/1831 Birth diLuzio, Donato diLuzio, Maria Nicola diLuzio, Pasquale     farmer 132
  diLuzio, Nicola M 12/15/1831 Birth diLuzio, Agostino diTomaso, Annantonia       farmer 135
Mancini, Orlando M 2/28/1831 Birth Mancini, Zaccaria Teti, Marianna       tailor 27
  Mariani, Errico M 11/18/1831 Birth Mariani, Don Bartolomeo diMarco, Signora Annamaria       civil registrar 123
  diMarino, Carmine M 9/21/1831 Birth diMarino, Camillo Piccirelli, Lucrezia       farmer 107
  diMarino, Fiora F 11/26/1831 Birth diMarino, Antonio Ficca, Marianna     Birth record witnessed by Giuseppe Passalacqua. farmer 125
  diMarino, Maddalena F 9/27/1831 Birth diMarino, Nicola Angelucci, Domenica diMarino, Domenico     farmer 109
  diMarino, Maria F 4/6/1831 Birth diMarino, Giuseppe Furia, Camilla diMarino, Giacobbe     farmer 41
  diMarino, Maria Giuseppa F 5/28/1831 Birth diMarino, Eusebio Teti, Marianna       farmer 71
  diMarino, Mariantonia F 4/14/1831 Birth diMarino, Camillo Teti, Susanna diMarino, Marziale     farmer 45
  diMarino, Rosa F 4/27/1831 Birth diMarino, Domenico Piccone, Maria       farmer 52
  diMarino, Rosaria F 1/16/1831 Birth diMarino, Nicola Teti, Rosa diMarino, Luigi   Birth record witnessed by Vincenzo Antrilli (son of Luca). farmer 5
  Mirolli, Angiola F 8/26/1831 Birth Mirolli, Domenico Persichitti, Maria Vincenza     Birth record witnessed by Crescenzo Antrilli. farmer 101
  Mirolli, Pantaleone M 6/3/1831 Birth Mirolli, Filippo d'Ulisse, Maria Giuseppa       farmer 75
d'Odorisio, Giuseppe M 3/5/1831 Birth d'Odorisio, Rinaldo Porreca, Laura   Porreca, Giuseppe   farmer 28
  Odorisio, Maria Domenica F 9/30/1831 Birth Odorisio, Pietro Antrilli, Angela       farmer 112
Palizzi, Maria F 4/8/1831 Birth Palizzi, Camillo Antrilli, Maria Nicola       farmer 42
  Palizzi, Rosa F 5/24/1831 Birth Palizzi, Rosario Piccoli, Marianna       farmer 68
  diPaolo, Marianna F 7/21/1831 Birth diPaolo, Giovanni Piccoli, Lucia       farmer 87
  diPaolo, Nicolantonio M 7/4/1831 Birth diPaolo, Giustino Furia, Anna       shoemaker 82
  diPaolo, Vincenzo M 5/3/1831 Birth diPaolo, Pietro Martino, Berardina       farmer 58
  diPaolo, Vincenzo M 9/2/1831 Birth diPaolo, Pietro diIorio, Maria Vincenza       farmer 102
  Passalacqua, Antonio M 5/16/1831 Birth Passalacqua, Matteo deLaurentiis, Maria Nicola       farmer 61
  Passalacqua, Maria F 4/28/1831 Birth Passalacqua, Giuseppe Piccirelli, Celeste     Birth record witnessed by Domenico Amorosi. farmer 54
  Passalacqua, Vincenzo M 7/30/1831 Birth Passalacqua, Luigi diIorio, Maria Vincenza       farmer 93
  Persichitti, Camillo M 9/6/1831 Birth Persichitti, Luigi Piccone, Maria Vincenza       proprietor 104
  Persichitti, Maria F 5/23/1831 Birth Persichitti, Giacomo Piccone, Rosa       farmer 67
  Persichitti, Rosa F 9/10/1831 Birth Persichitti, Andrea Ficca, Angela       farmer 105
  Piccirelli, Anna F 7/26/1831 Birth Piccirelli, Costanzo Teti, Rosaria       farmer 91
  Piccirelli, Nunziato M 3/6/1831 Birth Piccirelli, Giuseppe Persichitti, Silveria       farmer 29
  Piccirelli, Rosaria F 4/12/1831 Birth Piccirelli, Giuseppe diIorio, Carmina Piccirelli, Saverio     farmer 44
  Piccirelli, Rosa F 5/31/1831 Birth Piccirelli, Eduardo diIorio, Anna Filippa       farmer 73
  Piccirelli, Vincenza F 2/18/1831 Birth Piccirelli, Giuseppe d'Amico, Marianna Piccirelli, Camillo     farmer 19
  Piccirelli, Vincenzo M 7/19/1831 Birth Piccirelli, Filippo Mancini, Erminia     Birth record witnessed by Simone Passalacqua. farmer 86
  Piccoli, Anna F 7/27/1831 Birth Piccoli, Giuseppe Persichitti, Domenica       farmer 92
  Piccone, Angiola F 4/6/1831 Birth Piccone, Camillo Ficca, Giacinta Piccone, Felice     farmer 40
  Piccone, Antonio M 8/11/1831 Birth Piccone, Domenico Cicchini, Maria Fedele       farmer 96
  Piccone, Domenica F 7/3/1831 Birth Piccone, Domenico Ficca, Rosa Piccone, Pietro     farmer 81
  Piccone, Nicola M 11/29/1831 Birth Piccone, Camillo Aspromonte, Rosa Maria     Birth record witnessed by Carmine Palizzi. proprietor 126
  Piccone, Rosalba F 5/19/1831 Birth Piccone, Giuseppe Bellini, Maria Emanuela       tailor 63
  Piccone, Rosalia F 10/31/1831 Birth Piccone, Donato Coladonato, Maria Nicola Piccone, Matteo     farmer 118
  Piccone, Vincenza F 6/8/1831 Birth Piccone, Francesco Mansi, Olimpia       farmer 77
  Piccone, Vincenzo M 4/15/1831 Birth Piccone, Donato Ficca, Maddalena       farmer 46
  Porreca, Angiola F 11/14/1831 Birth Porreca, Antonio Porreca, Nicolantonia       farmer 121
  Porreca, Antonio M 5/25/1831 Birth Porreca, Angelo d'Ambrosio, Domenica       farmer 69
  Porreca, Giuseppe M 4/30/1831 Birth Porreca, Antonio Piccone, Maria Nicola Porreca, Carlofrancesco     farmer 55
  Porreca, Lucia F 12/12/1831 Birth Porreca, Vincenzo Porreca, Generosa Porreca, Domenico     farmer 134
  Porreca, Luisa F 2/14/1831 Birth Porreca, Domenico Antrilli, Agata Porreca, Nicola     farmer 18
  Porreca, Luisa F 3/30/1831 Birth Porreca, Carlo Francesco Porreca, Marianna       blacksmith 36
  Porreca, Maddalena F 1/12/1831 Birth Porreca, Lorenzo diMarino, Mariangiola Porreca, Carmine     farmer 4
  Porreca, Maria Giuseppa F 12/9/1831 Birth Porreca, Donato Porreca, Angela Porreca, Camillo     farmer 131
  Porreca, Marianna F 6/18/1831 Birth Porreca, Nicolantonio d'Ulisse, Maria Giuseppa       farmer 80
  Porreca, Pantaleone M 10/8/1831 Birth Porreca, Luigi d'Amico, Costanza Porreca, Nicola     farmer 115
  Porreca, Vincenza F 1/31/1831 Birth Porreca, Giuseppe diPaolo, Rachele Porreca, Giliberto     tailor 9
  Porreca, Vincenza F 8/10/1831 Birth Porreca, Giuseppe diIorio, Rosa       farmer 95
  Porreca, Vincenzo M 2/8/1831 Birth Porreca, Saverio Teti, Camilla Porreca, Giuseppe     farmer 16
  Porreca, Vincenzo M 2/12/1831 Birth Porreca, Domenico Teti, Angiola Porreca, Vincenzo     farmer 17
diRenzo, Nicola F 3/11/1831 Birth diRenzo, Carmine diLuzio, Mariantonia       farmer 31
  diRenzo, Rachele F 3/15/1831 Birth diRenzo, Camillo Crivelli, Rosa       farmer 33
diSante, Maddalena F 1/30/1831 Birth diSante, Carmine diMarino, Anna Luigia       farmer 10
  diStefano, Angiola F 1/21/1831 Birth diStefano, Donato d'Ambrosio, Maria Giuseppa       farmer 7
  diStefano, Maria Nicola F 5/10/1831 Birth diStefano, Vincenzo Persichitti, Domenica       farmer 60
  diStefano, Pantaleone M 4/5/1831 Birth diStefano, Nicola diLuzio, Alesandra diStefano, Innocenzo     farmer 38
Teti, Antonia F 9/26/1831 Birth Teti, Nicola diMarino, Camilla Teti, Mauro     farmer 110
  Teti, Antonio M 2/8/1831 Birth Teti, Giuseppe diFabrizio, Maria Vincenza Teti, Antonio     farmer 15
  Teti, Camilla F 3/22/1831 Birth Teti, Carmine Mancini, Angela Teti, Rosario     farmer 35
  Teti, Camillo M 2/27/1831 Birth father uncertain Teti, Rachele     Child was born in the house of Donato Crivelli.   26
  Teti, Camillo F 7/22/1831 Birth Teti, Luigi Ulisse, Celeste     No mention in entry but child appears to be a twin of child listed in entry #88. Birth record witnessed by Domenico Amorosi. He signed his name at bottom of entry. shoemaker 89
  Teti, Doralice F 9/22/1831 Birth Teti, Adamo Crivelli, Brigida     Birth record witnessed by Vincenzo Palizzi. wool-carder 108
  Teti, Eleonora F 11/22/1831 Birth Teti, Michelangelo Porreca, Concezia     Birth record witnessed by Filippo Mirolli. shoemaker 124
  Teti, Francesco M 7/16/1831 Birth Teti, Donato Ulisse, Rachele       shoemaker 85
  Teti, Giuseppe M 4/27/1831 Birth Teti, Mauro Aspromonte, Camilla       farmer 53
  Teti, Luigi M 3/10/1831 Birth Teti, Antonio Teti, Maria Teti, Mauro (dead)     farmer 30
  Teti, Luisa F 11/1/1831 Birth Teti, Giuseppe diLuzio, Mariavincenza Teti, Pietrantonio     farmer 119
  Teti, Maria F 11/18/1831 Birth Teti, Camillo d'Annunzio, Giacinta       dyer 122
  Teti, Maria Nicola F 7/7/1831 Birth Teti, Giuseppe diPaolo, Rachele       farmer 83
  Teti, Marianna F 2/5/1831 Birth Teti, Antonio diMarino, Rosa Teti, Donato     farmer 13
  Teti, Marianna F 4/5/1831 Birth Teti, Lorenzo d'Annunzio, Luisa       farmer 39
  Teti, Mariantonia F 7/22/1831 Birth Teti, Luigi Ulisse, Celeste     No mention in entry but child appears to be a twin of child listed in entry #89. Birth record witnessed by Domenico Amorosi. He signed his name at bottom of entry. shoemaker 88
  Teti, Nicola M 5/20/1831 Birth Teti, Giuseppe diLuzio, Rosa       proprietor 64
  Teti, Rosa Maria F 4/16/1831 Birth Teti, Donato Porreca, Maria Vincenza     Birth record witnessed by Michelangelo Palizzi. farmer 48
d'Ulisse, Antonio M 4/30/1831 Birth d'Ulisse, Giuliano Piccoli, Anna Maria       farmer 56
  Ulisse, Giuseppe M 12/9/1831 Birth Ulisse, Donato diMarino, Maria Vincenza       farmer 133
  d'Ulisse, Maria Nicola F 2/14/1831 Birth d'Ulisse, Domenico d'Amico, Rosa       farmer 14
  d'Ulisse, Pantaleone M 1/28/1831 Birth d'Ulisse, Antonio Crivelli, Rosa Maria d'Ulisse, Giovanni     farmer 8
  Uva, Gennaro M 1/9/1831 Birth Uva, Raffaele Caruso, Raffaela       soldier 2