Index to Births - 1846
Torricella Peligna


Note 1: names beginning with d', di, de or del are sorted with the root name. For example: d'Ambrosio = A; di Stefano = S

Note 2: The 'Record No.' refers to the record on the LDS microfilm reel. This year is on reel No. 1384906

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Sex Date
Event Father Mother Paternal
Notes Father's
Accettella, Stefano Francesco M 11/2/1846 Birth Accettella, Don Gaetano Salvatore, Donna Maria   Salvatore, Pasquale Birth record witnessed by Giuseppe Amorosi Porreca, residing at Colle della Croce Street. Full name of child, Stefano Francesco Paolo Accettella. Full name and title of father, Don Gaetano Camillo An lawyer 132
  d'Ambrosio, Giovanni M 5/9/1846 Birth d'Ambrosio, Camillo Persichitti, Marianna d'Ambrosio, Felice     farmer 62
  d'Ambrosio, Maria F 10/6/1846 Birth d'Ambrosio, Camillo Piccoli, Rosa       dyer 125
  d'Ambrosio, Vincenzo M 1/25/1846 Birth d'Ambrosio, Domenico Teti, Maria       farmer 13
  d'Amico, Camillo M 2/2/1846 Birth d'Amico, Costanzo diTomaso, Rachele       farmer 18
  d'Amico, Fedele M 2/8/1846 Birth d'Amico, Camillo d'Amico, Luisa       farmer 21
  d'Amico, Nicola M 6/16/1846 Birth d'Amico, Vincenzo diMarino, Rosaria       farmer 85
  d'Amico, Vittoria F 2/15/1846 Birth d'Amico, Giovanni diPaolo, Costanza       farmer 28
  Antrilli, Angela F 10/2/1846 Birth Antrtilli, Giovanni Piccone, Rosaria Antrilli, Nicola     farmer 122
  Antrilli, Angelo M 10/20/1846 Birth Antrilli, Carminantonio d'Ambrosio, Annamaria       farmer 129
  d'Ascenzo, Margherita F 4/14/1846 Birth d'Ascenzo, Nicola Italiano, Caterina       blacksmith 57
  Aspromonte, Giovanni M 1/5/1846 Birth Aspromonte, Antonio diLuzio, Mariavincenza       Proprietor 2
Carapella, Mariavincenza F 11/25/1846 Birth Carapella, Giovanni Crivelli, Maria       farmer 142
  diCino, Brigida F 6/26/1846 Birth diCino, Carmine Ficca, Maddalena       farmer 90
  diCino, Domenico M 12/9/1846 Birth diCino, Buonafede Esposito, Rosa       farmer 157
  diCino, Elisabetta F 1/12/1846 Birth diCino, Marziale Pellicciotta, Maria     Note: Birth record witnessed by Camillo Mirolli, residing on Colle della Croce Street. farmer 7
  diCino, Giacinta F 9/11/1846 Birth diCino, Giuseppe Porreca, Camilla diCino, Carmine     farmer 110
  diCino, Luisa F 6/27/1846 Birth diCino, Vincenzo Colasante, Marianicola       farmer 92
  diCino, Rosa Maria F 9/13/1846 Birth diCino, Antonio diRenzo, Angelarosa diCino, Camillo     farmer 112
  Coladonato, Mariano M 6/5/1846 Birth Coladonato, Pasquale Carapella, Berardina       farmer 79
  Colasante, Rosa F 3/31/1846 Birth Colasante, Giuseppe Teti, Mariantonia       farmer 50
  Colasante, Vincenzo M 9/23/1846 Birth Colasante, Angelo Teti, Maria       farmer 117
  Conicella, Pantaleone M 11/24/1846 Birth Conicella, Antonio diMaio, Eusebia       farmer 143
  Conicella, Camillo M 7/5/1846 Birth Conicella, Antonio diFabrizio, Teresa       farmer 95
  Conicella, Filomena F 8/8/1846 Birth Conicella, Nicola diCino, Lucia       farmer 105
  Conicella, Mariagiuseppa F 2/11/1846 Birth Conicella, Giovanni diMarino, Maria       farmer 23
  Crivelli, Antonio M 2/23/1846 Birth Crivelli, Lorenzo delDuca, Agata     Birth record witnessed by Oduardo Piccirelli, age 46, residing on Colle della Croce Street. farmer 32
  Crivelli, Giuseppe M 11/14/1846 Birth Crivelli, Domenico Antrilli, Marianna       farmer 140
  Crivelli, Giuseppe M 12/10/1846 Birth Crivelli, Carminantonio Antrilli, Domenica         159
  Crivelli, Luisa F 5/16/1846 Birth Crivelli, Camillo Porreca, Barbara       farmer 66
delDuca, Vincenzo M 12/1/1846 Birth delDuca, Giuseppe Conicella, Emilia       farmer 151
diFabrizio, Anna Maria F 12/4/1846 Birth diFabrizio, Antonio d'Ulisse, Ersilia       farmer 154
  diFabrizio, Mariavincenza F 2/3/1846 Birth diFabrizio, Giovanni Saraceni, Maria       farmer 19
  diFabrizio, Rosaria F 11/2/1846 Birth diFabrizio, Vincenzo diIorio, Rosa       farmer 131
  Fante, Angela F 9/12/1846 Birth Fante, Luigi Carapella, Agata       farmer 113
  Fantini, Marianicola F 1/31/1846 Birth Fantini, Antonio Piccone, Maria       farmer 17
  Ficca, Antonio M 6/8/1846 Birth Ficca, Saverio diLuzio, Mariagiuseppe       farmer 82
  Ficca, Bambino M 1/13/1846 Birth Ficca, Carmine Colasante, Rosa       farmer 8
  Ficca, Filomena F 3/11/1846 Birth Ficca, Andrea Porreca, Mariantonia       farmer 42
  Ficca, Francesco Paolo M 4/1/1846 Birth Ficca, Vincenzo Porreca, Berardina Ficca, Giuseppe (dead)     Proprietor 51
  Ficca, Maria F 9/19/1846 Birth Ficca, Domenico Piccone, Francesca       farmer 114
  Ficca, Maria F 6/27/1846 Birth Ficca, Mauro Teti, Rosa       farmer 93
  Ficca, Maria Vincenza F 12/2/1846 Birth Ficca, Giuseppe Piccone, Carmina Ficca, Donato     farmer 152
  Ficca, Marianna F 9/20/1846 Birth Ficca, Giacomo d'Ulisse, Camilla       farmer 115
  Ficca, Mariavincenza F 11/24/1846 Birth Ficca, Antonio Piccone, Angela Ficca, Angelo     farmer 144
  Ficca, Rosa F 4/27/1846 Birth Ficca, Antonio d'Ulisse, Concetta       farmer 60
  Ficca, Rosario M 10/3/1846 Birth Ficca, Luigi Piccone, Mariavincenza Ficca, Nunziato     farmer 123
  Ficca, Vincenzo M 2/10/1846 Birth Ficca, Giuseppe Palizzi, Maddalena     Birth record witnessed by by Nicola Antrilli, age 62, residing on Colle della Croce Street. Father residing on della Costa Street. farmer 22
  Ficca, Vincenzo M 4/12/1846 Birth Ficca, Giovanni Carapella, Marianna       farmer 54
  Ficca,Vincenzo M 5/19/1846 Birth Ficca, Camillo Piccone, Domenica Ficca, Giuseppe     farmer 70
  Ficcaglia, Michelangelo M 3/5/1846 Birth Ficcaglia, Errico Aspromonte, Maria       Proprietor 38
  Furia, Filomena F 10/29/1846 Birth Furia, Giuseppe Persichitti, Rosa Furia, Antonio     farmer 130
  Furia, Pantaleone M 10/18/1846 Birth Furia, Vincenzo Bellini, Rosaria       farmer 128
Ianieri, Camillo M 3/12/1846 Birth Ianieri, Giuseppe Piccoli, Domenica       farmer 43
  diIorio, Anna F 3/20/1846 Birth diIorio, Domenico Amorosi, Caterina     Note in margin of entry - On 25 July 1867 in Rocca San Giovanni, Anna diIorio, dau. of Domenico of Torricella Peligna married Carmine diMarzio, son of Camillo of Rocca San Giovanni. farmer 45
  diIorio, Anna Irene F 11/27/1846 Birth diIorio, Camillo Pelliccotta, Carladea     Note in margin of entry; On 22 June 1889 in Villanogra, Rocco Ricci of Vaeri married Anna Irene diIorio of Torricella Peligna. farmer 147
  diIorio, Costanza F 3/10/1846 Birth diIorio, Berardino Piccirelli, Angela       farmer 41
  diIorio, Domenico M 5/23/1846 Birth diIorio, Eustachio delDuca, Agata     Birth record witnessed by Giuseppe Amorosi Porreca, residing on Colle della Croce Street. Father residing on Rua Sansone Street. farmer 73
  diIorio, Giusesppe M 9/22/1846 Birth diIorio, Antonio diFrancesco, Nunzia diIorio, Nicola     farmer 116
  diIorio, Maria F 1/14/1846 Birth diIorio, Pietro Ficca, Luisa diIorio, Domenico     farmer 10
  diIorio, Mariantonia F 12/8/1846 Birth diIorio, Vincenzo diFabrizio, Rosa       farmer 156
deLaurentiis, Pietrantonio M 1/8/1846 Birth deLaurentiis, Giuseppe Porreca, Angela       mason/bricklayer 4
  diLegge, Camillo M 2/28/1846 Birth diLegge, Luigi Piccoli, Lucia       farmer 35
  Lucchini, Giuseppe M 10/6/1846 Birth Lucchini, Felice Teti, Angiola       setacciaro 124
  diLuzio, Domenico M 12/17/1846 Birth diLuzio, Antonio Ficca, Donatangiola       farmer 163
  diLuzio, Filomena F 1/14/1846 Birth diLuzio, Luigi Piccone, Rosa diLuzio, Giuseppe     carpenter 11
  diLuzio, Giacianta F 3/7/1846 Birth diLuzio, Nicola Piccoli, Lucia       farmer 39
  diLuzio, Luigi M 2/18/1846 Birth diLuzio, Camillo d'Ambrosio, Mariagiuseppa diLuzio, Gennaro     farmer 29
  diLuzio, Margherita F 12/11/1846 Birth diLuzio, Biase Antrilli, Domenica     Father residing at dell Olmo Street.   160
  diLuzio, Rosa F 12/17/1846 Birth diLuzio, Camillo d'Ulisse, Maria diLuzio, Leonardo   Father residing at Pozzotello Street. farmer 164
  diLuzio, Vincenzo M 1/28/1846 Birth diLuzio, Giustino diTomaso, Annantonia       farmer 15
deMarinis, Cetto M 11/29/1846 Birth deMarinis, Luigi Porreca, Rosa       Peddler 149
  diMarino, Camillo M 7/8/1846 Birth diMarino, Mariano Teti, Mariavincenza     Note in margin of record-On 6 June 1870 in Pennadomo, Camillo diMarino of Torricella married Maria Domenica diRenzo of Pennadomo. farmer 96
  diMarino, Concezio M 12/8/1846 Birth diMarino, Antonio Teti, Rosa Maria       farmer 155
  diMarino, Giuseppe M 3/19/1846 Birth diMarino, Nico d'Amico, Nunzia diMarino, di Giovanni   Father's name "Nico" is correct. He is listed as "Nicola" in Index. farmer 44
  diMarino, Luigi M 10/1/1846 Birth diMarino, Pietro d'Ulisse, Rosa diMarino, Nicola     farmer 120
  diMarino, Maria Vincenza F 7/25/1846 Birth diMarino, Giuseppe diCino, Preziosa       farmer 100
  Mirolli, Maria Vincenza F 6/30/1846 Birth Mirolli, Nicolantonio Crivelli, Marianicola       farmer 94
  Mirolli, Vincenzo M 7/26/1846 Birth Mirolli, Filippo d'Ulisse, Mariagiuseppa     Father residing at Colle della Croce Street. farmer 102
Odorisio, Maria F 7/11/1846 Birth Odorisio, Nicola Pantalone, Marianna       farmer 97
  Olivieri, Marianna F 6/23/1846 Birth Olivieri, Camillo diStefano, Rosa       farmer 89
  Olivieri, Rosa F 4/11/1846 Birth Olivieri, Marziale Teti, Luisa       farmer 53
Palizzi, Domenica F 2/14/1846 Birth Palizzi, Domenico Piccirelli, Caterina     Birth record witnessed by Luigi Passalacqua, age 36, residing on Colle della Croce Street. Father, age 34, residing on Colle della Croce Street. farmer 27
  Palizzi, Nicola M 5/28/1846 Birth Palizzi, Giuseppe Teti, Costanza Palizzi, Nicola (dead)   Father residing on Colle della Croce Street. farmer 75
  diPaolo, Camilla F 6/3/1846 Birth diPaolo, Nunziato Antrilli, Luisa       farmer 76
  diPaolo, Domenico M 1/14/1846 Birth diPaolo, Vincenzo Sacchetti, Carolina diPaolo, Domenico     carpenter 9
  diPaolo, Fioralba F 5/16/1846 Birth diPaolo, Vincenzo delDuca, Mariantonia       farmer 67
  diPaolo, Luigi M 6/15/1846 Birth diPaolo, Nicola diIorio, Angeladea       water-man 87
  Passalacqua, Domenico M 1/9/1846 Birth Passalacqua, Giuseppe Piccirelli, Celeste       farmer 5
  Persichitti, Angela F 12/10/1846 Birth Persichitti, Saverio d'Ambrosio, Mariantonia       farmer 158
  Persichitti, Carmine M 1/1/1846 Birth Persichitti, Marziale Piccoli, Maria       farmer 1
  Persichitti, Filomena F 5/20/1846 Birth Persichitti, Domenico d'Ambrosio, Marianna       farmer 72
  Persichitti, Giacinta F 2/10/1846 Birth Persichitti, Donato Piccoli, Rosa       wool-carder 25
  Persichitti, Giacomo M 7/25/1846 Birth Persichitti, Francesco Aspromonte, Angela       farmer 101
  Persichitti, Maria F 10/11/1846 Birth Persichitti, Antonio diIorio, Marianicola       farmer 126
  Persichitti, Marziale M 5/15/1846 Birth Persichitti, Pasquale d'Ambrosio, Mariantonia       farmer 64
  Persichitti, Vincenzo M 9/26/1846 Birth Persichitti, Camillo d'Amico, Doralice Persichitti, Giacomo     farmer 118
  Peschi, Michele M 1/8/1846 Birth Peschi, Giuseppe Furia, Felicita       farmer 3
  Piccirelli, Antonio M 1/24/1846 Birth Piccirelli, Giuseppe Crivelli, Maria Piccirelli, Luigi     wool-carder 12
  Piccirelli, Camillo M 5/16/1846 Birth Piccirelli, Francesco Ficca, Maddalena       farmer 65
  Piccirelli, Camillo M 9/11/1846 Birth Piccirelli, Vincenzo Ficca, Maria Emilia Piccirelli, Nunziato     farmer 111
  Piccirelli, Camillo M 12/2/1846 Birth Piccirelli, Giuseppe diCino, Mariantonia Piccirelli, Carmine     farmer 150
  Piccirelli, Felicita F 2/25/1846 Birth Piccirelli, Giuseppe diPaolo, Maddalena       farmer 33
  Piccirelli, Maria F 2/21/1846 Birth Piccirelli, Giuseppe d'Amico, Marianna Piccirelli, Camillo       30
  Piccirelli, Nicola F 5/3/1846 Birth Piccirelli, Giuseppe Teti, Rosa Piccirelli, Saverio     farmer 61
  Piccirelli, Vincenzo M 11/28/1846 Birth Piccirelli, Nunziato Palizzi, Mariantonia     Father residing on Colle della Croce Street. Note in margin of entry-On 12 Jan.1870, in Borrello, Vincenzo Piccirelli, son of Nunziato (dead) of Torricella Peligna, married Maria Camilla Tiberio, dau farmer 148
  Piccoli, Camillo M 11/17/1846 Birth Piccoli, Domenico diMarino, Lucia Piccoli, Camillo     farmer 141
  Piccoli, Domenico M 6/14/1846 Birth Piccoli, Luigi diValerio, Mariantonia       farmer 83
  Piccoli, Domenico M 2/23/1846 Birth Piccoli, Giuseppe diMarino, Rosa       farmer 31
  Piccoli, Maria Vincenza F 6/7/1846 Birth Piccoli, Giuseppe Piccoli, Maddalena       farmer 80
  Piccone, Agata F 5/18/1846 Birth Piccone, Vincenzo d'Amore, Domenica Piccone, Giuseppe (dead)     farmer 69
  Piccone, Angela F 9/30/1846 Birth Piccone, Pietro Ficca, Carminella       farmer 119
  Piccone, Camilla F 2/10/1846 Birth Piccone, Carmine Aspromonte, Rachele       Proprietor 24
  Piccone, Carminella F 11/4/1846 Birth Piccone, Camillo Ficca, Giacinta Piccone Felice     farmer 135
  Piccone, Giovanni M 4/9/1846 Birth Piccone, Marziale Aspromonte, Giacinta Piccone, Camillo     Proprietor 52
  Piccone, Luisa F 8/15/1846 Birth Piccone, Antonio Piccone, Marianna Piccone, Giuseppe Piccone, Camillo   farmer 107
  Piccone, Maria F 2/27/1846 Birth Piccone, Felice Piccoli, Anna Maria       Proprietor 34
  Piccone, Maria F 1/12/1846 Birth Piccone, Felice Ficca, Mariagiovanna Piccone, Crescenzo   Note: Birth record witnessed by Giovanni Mirolli, residing on Colle della Croce Street. farmer 6
  Piccone, Mariantonia F 11/1/1846 Birth Piccone, Nicola d'Amilio, Lucia       Proprietor 134
  Piccone, Marziale M 7/29/1846 Birth Piccone, Vincenzo Piccone, Maria       farmer 103
  Piccone, Silvestro M 11/9/1846 Birth Piccone, Donato Porreca, Anna       farmer 138
  delPizzo, Giacinta F 8/18/1846 Birth delPizzo, Antonio diLuzio, Vitantonia       farmer 108
  Porreca, Antonio M 11/24/1846 Birth Porreca, Giovanni Teti, Angeladea       Bastaro 145
  Porreca, Antonio M 11/7/1846 Birth Porreca, Luigi Fante, Rebecca Porreca, Vincenzo     farmer 136
  Porreca, Camillo M 11/2/1846 Birth Porreca, Giuseppe Amorosi diCino, Colomba     Father residing at Colle della Croce Street. farmer 133
  Porreca, Concezia F 8/7/1846 Birth Porreca, Donato diCino, Angelantonia Porreca, Marziale     farmer 104
  Porreca, Domenico M 12/4/1846 Birth Porreca, Mariano d'Amico, Mariantonia       farmer 153
  Porreca, Donato M 8/27/1846 Birth Porreca, Antonio diIorio, Mariantonia Porreca, Donato   Note in margin of entry-On 22 Aug 1866 in Bomba, Donato Porreca of Torricella married Anna Teresa Gianfarra of Bomba. farmer 109
  Porreca, Filomena F 6/6/1846 Birth Porreca, Giuseppe Persichitti, Anna Luigia Porreca, Michele     farmer 78
  Porreca, Giuseppe M 3/28/1846 Birth Porreca, Antonio Porreca, Nicolantonia     Birth record witnessed by Domenico Palizzi. farmer 48
  Porreca, Mariagiuseppa F 3/4/1846 Birth Porreca, Saverio Persichitti, Angela Porreca, Nicolantonio     farmer 36
  Porreca, Marianicola F 10/15/1846 Birth Porreca, Antonio diStefano, Luisa Porreca, Carmine   Birth record witnessed by Domenico Mancini age 28, residing at dell 'Olmo Street , he signed his name at end of entry; and by Berardino delPizzo, residing at delle Piane Street. farmer 127
  Porreca, Pietro M 6/27/1846 Birth Porreca, Domenico Teti, Angela       farmer 91
diRenzo, Camillo M 11/8/1846 Birth diRenzo, Giuseppe Porreca, Brigida       farmer 137
Santucci, Antonio M 5/17/1846 Birth Santucci, Raffaele Piccoli, Mariantonia       blacksmith 68
  diStefano, Domenico M 3/6/1846 Birth diStefano, Antonio delDuca, Colomba       farmer 40
Teti, Adamo M 7/13/1846 Birth Teti, Camillo diIorio, Claudia Teti, Adamo   Birth record witnessed by Domenico Amorosi, residing at della Piazza Street. He signed his name at bottom of entry. wool-carder 99
  Teti, Antonio M 2/3/1846 Birth Teti, Mauro Aspromonte, Camilla       farmer 20
  Teti, Brigida F 6/14/1846 Birth Teti, Francesco Passalacqua, Angela Teti, Carlo   Father residing on Colle della Croce Street. farmer 84
  Teti, Camillo M 1/29/1846 Birth Teti, Nicola Porreca, Mariagiuseppe Amadio Teti     shoemaker 16
  Teti, Caterina F 3/25/1846 Birth Teti, Luigi diLuzio, Angela       farmer 46
  Teti, Diodoro M 4/15/1846 Birth Teti, Domenico Ficcaolia, Felicita       dyer 56
  Teti, Felicita F 4/27/1846 Birth Teti, Antonio diIorio, Mariantonia       farmer 59
  Teti, Filomena F 6/8/1846 Birth Teti, Camillo diMarino, Giacinta Teti, Orazio     farmer 81
  Teti, Filomeno M 8/8/1846 Birth Teti, Don Teodorico Piccirelli, Donna Nunzia     Father residing at Colle della Croce Street. Father signed his name at bottom of entry. Registrar 106
  Teti, Giacinta F 3/28/1846 Birth Teti, Carminantonio d'Ambrosio, Marianna     Birth record witnessed by Domenico Palizzi, residing at Trattoio Street. farmer 47
  Teti, Giuseppe M 3/5/1846 Birth Teti, Rosario d'Ambrosio, Rosa Teti, Giuseppe (dead)   Birth record witnessed by Filippo Mirolli, age 48, residing on Colle della Croce Street. farmer 37
  Teti, Lucia F 12/14/1846 Birth Teti, Pantaleone Antrilli, Chiari       farmer 161
  Teti, Maria Vincenza F 4/14/1846 Birth Teti, Nicola diIorio, Teodora Teti, Donato     farmer 55
  Teti, Marianicola F 5/25/1846 Birth Teti, Vincenzo diIorio, Concezia Teti, Giovanni     farmer 74
  Teti, Nicola M 5/20/1846 Birth Teti, Antonio Nanni, Rosa Teti, Nicola     farmer 71
  Teti, Nicola M 11/25/1846 Birth Teti, Eusebio Crivelli, Marianna Teti, Antonio     farmer 146
  Teti, Rosa F 3/30/1846 Birth Teti, Camillo d'Ulisse, Nicola Teti, Antonio     farmer 49
  Teti, Rosa Maria F 6/1/1846 Birth   Teti, Arienta   Teti, Nicola     77
  Teti, Salvatore M 7/12/1846 Birth Teti, Tommaso Piccone, Angiola Teti, Giuseppe   Note in margin of entry- On 1 May 1887, Salvatore Teti of Torricella Peligna married Irene deSanctis. farmer 98
  Teti, Vincenzo M 6/16/1846 Birth Teti, Antonio Porreca, Luisa Teti, Vincenzo     farmer 86
  Teti, Vincenzo M 2/11/1846 Birth Teti, Donato d'Ambrosio, Agata       farmer 26
d'Ulisse, Costanza F 4/17/1846 Birth d'Ulisse, Giuseppe diMarco, Maria d'Ulisse, Giovanni diMarco, Pasquale   farmer 58
  d'Ulisse, Filomena F 10/2/1846 Birth d'Ulisse, Pietro Corvacchioli, Irene d'Ulisse, Giacomo     farmer 121
  d'Ulisse, Maria Domenica F 5/15/1846 Birth d'Ulisse, Donato d'Ambrosio, Rosa       farmer 63
  d'Ulisse, Nicola M 1/27/1846 Birth d'Ulisse, Vincenzo diMarino, Fioralba       farmer 14
  d'Ulisse, Pietro M 12/16/1846 Birth d'Ulisse, Giovanni diFabrizio, Maria Nicola d'Ulisse, Eusebio     farmer 162
  d'Ulisse, Vincenzo M 6/19/1846 Birth d'Ulisse, Pietro diMarco, Mariantonia       farmer 88
diVincenzo, Pantaleone M 11/9/1846 Birth diVincenzo, Vincenzo Olivieri, Mariagiuseppe diVincenzo, Nicola     farmer 139


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