David Porreca provides senior consulting and advisory services based on his extensive experience as President, CEO, Chief Scientist, Chief Technology Officer and Managing Partner of several leading-edge technology companies. His work has given him a national reputation in high technology, with a focus in computer sciences, machine intelligence and cognitive sciences.

He began his high technology career in the US Army. After multiple combat tours and numerous decorations, he worked directly for General Haig in NATO as Nuclear Effects and Targets Intelligence Officer, developing large-scale geographically dispersed distributed systems using calculation-heavy and time-sensitive information components.

Upon leaving the Army, he served as Research Scientist at R&D Associates, then as Director of Advanced Programs at Science Applications Incorporated (now SAIC), before joining the then new Titan Corporation. As Vice President and Chief Scientist of Titan, he built an Applied Engineering Group that became the best known and most profitable knowledge engineering team in defense work. The Knowledge-Based Engineering toolset  (KBEST), the intelligent systems environment that re-defined the industry, was developed by his team.

In 1989 he founded Expersoft Corporation and served as CEO, President and Chairman of the Board, leading a team that created a real-time object-oriented software development environment and toolkits for genetic learning, fuzzy associative memory and other knowledge-based problem-solving paradigms.

In 1995, he created Transnational Partners, the first of several successful virtual high-technology companies. In 1999 he sold these partnerships and merged one of them into Titan Corporation as Cayenta Corporation, which he headed for Titan. Cayenta became the first national Total Solutions Provider, developing a national network operation center over which Cayenta’s own managed applications software was accessible to customers as an Internet service. Cayenta’s managed applications were seamlessly made available remotely as a comprehensive systems solution, a first.

Mr. Porreca, having helped re-invent Titan Corporation, retired from there in early 2002, and joined with several other high-technology executives to found the Zazi Forum.

Mr. Porreca received a B.S. degree from Niagara University, a M.S. degree from Alfred University, and also studied in Europe. He is a graduate of the Command and General Staff College, the NATO Weapons Engineering School, and also did advanced technical studies in mathematics, computation, and the cognitive sciences.

Reference: ZAZI Forum

: Sunday, March 30, 2008