One of the many extraordinary photos that our parish priest, Don Ignazio, dedicated to Torricella.

The Corso with Snow.

By Amici di Torricella (Friends of Torricella)

On the calendar traditionally given by the association "Amici di Torricella" (Friends of Torricella) to its members and others wishing to receive it, this year we have chosen to reproduce three beautiful photos that form a part of the vast number produced by Don Ignazio Cocco which are always of an excellent standard. These are three views of Torricella, three special moments both because of the atmosphere they evoke and also because of the different seasons and times of day in which they were taken. They are unpublished views of the village that at the same time are both highly familiar and recognisable, taken with his habitual expertise and sensitivity. Above all Don Ignazio possesses that certain "something" which turns a mechanical fact, in this case a photo, by an artistic process that transfigures it, from pure documentation into a pleasing image.

We also wanted to publish one of these three photos from our calendar, probably the most interesting one, in the journal. Printing it in black and white certainly detracts from the originality and the chromatic beauty that emanate from the doorways and the walls of that Corso under snow, but we decided to reproduce it just the same, in order to pay a small homage to Don Ignazio, who left Torricella and his parishioners last October, when he was transferred elsewhere.

We send him our greetings with the publication of this wonderful photo; it is a sign of our esteem and affection.

Amici di Torricella

Translation courtesy of Dr. Marion Apley Porreca

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