A Fully Equipped Park for the Pinewood

By Walter Teti

The pinewood will have a fully equipped park that will add like a jewel to its wonderful fresh air. A park full of games, of enjoyment ….. and of services that will make Torricella’s famous little hill decked with trees even more attractive. The place chosen for this project should be the area immediately adjacent to the tennis courts, where there are no plants and which overlooks the entire "Guardata" valley. Cost of the project: about two thousand million (lire). The undertaking will be carried out by the Middle Sangro Aventine Mountain Community. Nicola D’Orazio, vice-president of the Community says, "We’re starting from the supposition that Torricella’s fresh air is not enough on its own to attract tourists to the village. We need valid superstructures and, if you like, they should be of a rather original nature, so that we can offer unusual things to our visitors. To improve Torricella and its pinewood - which together are a "monument", a treasure, unique in all our vast territory - is within the administrative bounds of our Institution." Well, to make a park like Gardaland is no small feat. On a smaller scale, naturally, but none-the-less full of attractions such as merry-go-rounds (roundabouts) and various other children’s amusements plus facilities for adult recreation such as little lakes for fishing, clubs, meeting places and amusements. D’Orazio continues, "It will serve also to attract the Sunday tourists who love the mountains but in this area [until the park is built] could only find healthy air and good foods in local restaurants."

© Amici di Torricella

Translation courtesy of Dr. Marion Apley Porreca

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