To Continue Together

Much has often been said out of turn about the “modus operandi” of our Association. Taking it for granted that there will always be those who are very active, certain prized uvulas, the vanguard of a minority of “frequent singers”[1], we have tried instead to understand what the leanings are of the majority, who tend to be worryingly mute. It seems to us that the predominant school of thought is that, since the Association has done so much in the past, it can now calmly continue to “row the boat”. We theorise that the brilliant results obtained from successful events, of interest even at the National level, are proof positive of our exceptional creative and organisational capabilities. Not having anything further to demonstrate, therefore, the critics keep quiet and our hyperactive friends keep calm. After all, we all have families, work, it is stressful, our wives remonstrate: why get so het up? With the inherited initiatives that so successfully hit the bull’s-eye, with a Journal “that so many envy our having” and that represents the continuity and the “glue” of our lives in the Association, there is nothing else to do but to organise any old two or three events, preferably to take place in August and the game is played. We do not agree. To us, instead, it seems that the time has come to change the record, and that everyone should have a consistent stance. From the President who is writing this to you, to the last of the Members, (by last we mean in relation to the date of enrolment!!!). Out of respect for all the other Members, the people who have taken on directorial and organisational duties cannot let themselves dedicate only their spare time to the Association. If they can’t or don’t want to work in a serious and steady way, let them kindly step aside. Members who don’t have any particular jobs to do, however, are cordially invited to collaborate in a more specific way, offering their contribution of ideas and initiative. They have done a lot in the past and, after what we have generously termed “a pause for reflection”, they must do a lot more in the future. Because it is simply not good enough just to renew one’s membership, like it is not enough to limit one’s own contribution to exercising the right/duty of taking possession of the chairs outside the front of the headquarters, or even inside on the occasion of the meetings.
In the latter case, they assume the role of guests made of stone. We do not agree. And we think that all those Members who drew closer to the Association in its time of difficulty, bringing fresh blood and giving a decisive thrust to our resurrection, would not agree either. Our resurgence is now a reality. Membership this year has reached the same level as in our best years. We have already sorted out an interesting programme of events and we are setting up the basis of a constructive and fair collaboration with the Executive of Pro-Loco of Torricella. We are certain that in August, when our mandate expires, we shall hand over, to the new people responsible for it, an Association that is in full health. On this point, we have something else to say. And we shall say it calmly, not caring less about those who would have us “plastered”: sincerely, if possible, on guard and with prudence. Not at all. We know how to walk with our legs. We don’t need tutors. Of those who would tell us what to do and what not to do. What we should or should we not say. And then in what tone of voice. Well then, let’s say it to them, this last thing; for too long we have dithered over a problem that we never had the courage or even the will to face up to. The accusation has been raised, we don’t understand well to whom, that we should
use this Association as a means of “putting us in the shop-window”, of “appearing”, of finding ourselves again amongst “those who count” in a small local reality, without managing to stand out in any way in the most complex and difficult reality of the large cities. Frankly, other than being ridiculous, it seems to us to be an accusation that is absolutely without foundation. In fact, no-one can doubt that all those who have undertaken to work for the Association in the past have been other than serious and esteemed professionals. And this is precisely why we feel able to hazard some advice, even though we haven’t been asked to do so. Following the example of the President, who has accepted his position just “for one year”, as one of the founding Members kindly reminded us should be the case, the others should do likewise. To silence the malevolent, to demonstrate once and for all that we are not interested in the “positions” but only in the fate of the Association, we wish to state that it is equally satisfying to work in the shade, as simple associates. Because the change-over, as well as being normal and physiological, is also healthy. For everyone.


[1] frequent singers – the Italian word used, canterina, which normally means a person who sings frequently, willingly, for a long time and in a well modulated voice, has certain specific connotations in the Central-South region of Italy, where a cantore belongs to a group paid by the Town Council to cheer people up on solemn feast days; nowadays it is also used in the plural for groups of pop(ular) singers!

© Amici di Torricella            No 15   June 1995     pages 1 - 2

Translation courtesy of Dr. Marion Apley Porreca

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