No 11    June 1991   page 8


A (Commemorative) Wall Plaque for Silvio D’Amico

As is told in another part of this issue, during the summer months Torricella will pay tribute to a very important person in our history and culture: Silvio D’Amico, author of “Una storia del teatro italiano” (A History of Italian Theatre).

The plaque will be unveiled and affixed to the front of the house where Silvio’s father Fedele D’Amico and his uncle Domenico D’Amico (seen in the photo) were born, in Via Roma; the portal (front door) is shown in another photo.

The commemoration ceremony will also include a section where honorary citizenship will be conferred on Sandro and Filomena D’Amico, descendents of Silvio.

The Plaque

Domenico D'Amico, uncle of Silvio D'Amico

The Front Door

Translation courtesy of Dr. Marion Apley Porreca

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