A Message from the Poster and Comic Strip Competition
The Green Heart of the Pinewood


By Antonio Piccoli

On 14th May 1988 a lovely competition was held in Torricella with prizes for posters and comic strips on the subject of “Torricella and its Pinewood” with entries reserved for pupils at the local Middle and Elementary Schools.

In the field of education and ecology the administration of the Commune had promoted this initiative in order to bring to the fore both problems concerning the Pinewood, such as its age (it was planted in 1922) and its importance for the health of children, the elderly and “holidaymakers”. As well as inviting the Forestry Inspector, the Regional Abruzzo Council, the President of the Mountain Community and officials from Italia Nostra, the Mayor invited me too, as President of this Association, to be a member of the jury, thus recognising our involvement with these environmental problems, for which we are most grateful to him. It was supposed to have been taking place in the Pinewood and the stage was already erected, but the rain made it necessary for us to retreat to the main hall of the Middle School. The children were all there and each had a role to play in the tens of recitals and scenes, all on the theme of the Pinewood.

© Amici di Torricella                                           Translation courtesy of Dr. Marion Apley Porreca