Spring in Torricella


by Anna, Claudia, Manuela and Giovanna
 4th Elementary Class.

 Spring is really beautiful
Here in Torricella.
All around are nice and colourful flowers and fields.
In the air, swallows fly lightly
And it is a great pleasure for everyone.
The sky is as calm as a veil.
Amongst the grasses are violets
Which are sweetly perfumed in the sunlight.
Spring is really fresh
If you look out of the window.
There are people walking in the street
Confidently going about their business.
Nature is wonderful
Like a rose.
The Pinewood in Spring
Is beautiful in the evenings too:
Illuminated by the lights it is more than blessed.
The air is fresh and pure
Like Nature.
The tree has flowered
and seems well-dressed…
Maybe you won’t believe us…
But Spring in Torricella is really beautiful
With our friends, Nature and the pure air.

Translation courtesy of Dr. Marion Apley Porreca          

© Amici di Torricella     Year II       No 1  1990 page 4