Photographing Torricella during Extra-curricular Activities

A photography course was held during the extra-curricular activities at Torricella Peligna. The young photographers took their first photos at the majestic Church of S. Giacomo. This Church, which has been closed for repairs since 1984 due to damage from the earthquake, will soon reopen for religious services.

 The pupils photographed the already restored exterior from three different angles: then they developed their photos in the laboratory set u p within the school. The pupils invite everyone who loves history to visit and linger in this marvellous, welcoming, mysterious Church.

The children will continue to immortalise suggestive corners of this beautiful tourist locality, in their photos.

Translation courtesy of Dr. Marion Apley Porreca          

Amici di Torricella     Year II       No 1  1990 page 4