Pranks of the Wind in Torricella Peligna

by Nicola Piccoli and Michele Carozza, Class 4.

 Two months after it began, 1990 made us live through an unforgettable day full of fear and anxiety.  A few days ago the wind caused so much damage to my village and a great deal of fear amongst its inhabitants. It came from Northern Europe, blew at a speed of about 140 kilometres an hour, at force 9-10 on the Beaufort scale. When the weather forecast announces a hurricane, no one believes it.

 But here we are, the 27th February is really our day: a very strong wind is blowing and everyone begins to feel scared because it goes on and on. Lights in the village come and go. In the house the shutters and doors creak, opening and shutting on their own; no one sleeps that night. There is a whirlwind of dust in the air, with paper and plastic bags too.

 It looks as if cars parked on the roadside want to set off without any drivers and the trees twist and bend and bang like crazy. Tiles fall violently from the roofs reaching the earth ground down and pulverised.

 The Pine trees in the Pinewood fight the hurricane with all their strength; but some give way, others split or are left mutilated.

The pavements near the Pinewood are covered with needles and small branches from the fir trees, torn off without mercy.

 In the Church of S. Giacomo Apostolo the top of the bell tower disappears: the wrought iron weathervane.   

The sports field is targeted the most; the publicity boards disappear because the wind tears them up and scatters them; the benches blow away and the tennis courtsí netting rolls up and falls down. 

So, taking advantage of it being Carnevale, even the wind wanted to have fun; but we did not like its jokes at all.

Translation courtesy of Dr. Marion Apley Porreca          

© Amici di Torricella     Year II       No 1  1990 page 4