Brief News for December 2004
by Antonio Piccoli

1. The project to restructure the steps of the Pineta (The Pinewood, a park) is complete. At first sight it looks very beautiful.

2. As for politics, it must be said that deputy mayor Antonio Di Sangro has left office. His resignation was actually given at the end of October but it has become known only now because Antonio Di Sangro himself has circulated a letter in which he explains the reasons which led him to leave the post. According to him, amongst the copious rhetoric used, he reveals a very serious issue: that is, the administration of the town hall budget reveals many unknown sides. Purchases have been made without thinking of how such expenses would be covered and the budget is completely in deficit.

Surely what he says is serious, both because he has been part of the administration, holding an important position for four years and because the opposition had affixed, since this last summer, a manifesto in which the same basic things were being said about the deficit of the town hall budget.

Let's remember that elections for the new mayor will be held in April and that the first discussions are already starting now.

Maybe this letter means that Antonio Di Sangro wants to run as a candidate for mayor?

Boh! We will see.

Translation courtesy of Mirella Palizzi Piccone

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