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Torricella Peligna
Two Churches are inaccessible, another has "eternit"[see 1] boards deteriorating on the roof, and then there are controversies about the works. The Mayor, Zacchigna asks himself, "How is it possible that, only a few years after they were completed, the parish structures are in such seriously dangerous conditions as to suggest the need for costly new reinforcement works?" The faithful in the Community of Torricella Peligna have been living under these conditions ever since last December when following appraisal by the Fire Officers from Chieti and the Civil Protection experts from the Territory Office (ex Civil Engineers) it was ordered that the last available Church in the village, the Parish Church of San Giacomo, be closed.

"Eternit" – a light durable building material made of a mixture of cement and asbestos fibres, used for roofing and to lag pipes

The Church of Sant'Antonio

This situation already forced the Community to "violate" the "no entry" to the Church of San Rocco, due to asbestos on the roof, (even though this was not really a true bye-law), in order to celebrate and join in the Mass.The Church of San Giacomo became dangerous after the roof collapsed over the left aisle and new cracks appeared in the weight-bearing walls. Thus the Mayor had to issue the bye-law stating the Church was unfit for use, which opened a first series of observations and

thoughts about the works of restoration and consolidation that were carried out using the earthquake funds of 1984 (about one thousand million lire). On the other hand, controversies had already arisen concerning the Church of San Antonio, which also was declared inaccessible due to infiltrations (of water) into the roof following consolidation works. Thus the Parish Priest and the faithful must choose "the lesser evil" and brave/defy the asbestos in the Church of San Rocco despite this being burdened with another warning, following the denouncement by a private individual, which obliges the Parish Priest to remove the asbestos boards. Don Giuseppe advises us that "to carry out this work would need a large sum of money that at the moment we do not possess". (Walter Teti) Inaccessible Churches, Mass with "Eternit"

Controversies about the work explode

The Superintendent also moves with a reconnaissance

And the Parish Priest asks for a check

Torricella Peligna.
Don Giuseppe, the Parish Priest, on the same wavelength as the Mayor, Zacchigna, has asked the architect, Enzo D’Ambrosio, to perform a check on the state of the works that were carried out in the Church of San Giacomo and at the same time to develop another plan of consolidation. The Superintendent responsible for the region, the architect Antonio Celenza, also supervises the Church and is carrying out his own reconnaissance of the building complex.

English translation courtesy of Dr. Marion Apley Porreca


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