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Children, Trees
and a …. Ring-a-ring-a-roses

by Walter Teti

To make a plank you need a tree and to make a tree you need all the respect that nature deserves and requires to make its creatures grow.
Children, trees, a ring-a-roses around the world; a world of green, as green as our Pinewood, a vital lung as vital as its shrubs need to remain, that give us our oxygen and recharge us with energy in the form of chlorophyll. The children of the Middle and Elementary schools of Torricella already know this and want to remind us about it: don’t you think this is a good example of good conscience and great civic duty especially considering modern times and the dangers to which nature is subjected? Even the Association knows it. In fact we publish this journal on 100% recycled paper, by means of other, used paper, that has been patiently collected and taken to the pulping plant. “New” paper comes at a heavy price: it costs many trees for each 100 kilograms, thus it costs a lot of vital primary energy and it costs us the risks that our ecosystems undergo with the disequilibrium that deforestation in the wild causes to nature.

Thus it is a motive for great pride in Torricella that they want to put forward
the poster shown on this page as an advertisement for tourism: in this case won’t it be not only a good opportunity for the village, but also an appeal to recall that respect, for nature, plants and…. made by today’s children, inhabitants of tomorrow’s world.

Translation courtesy of Dr. Marion Apley Porreca

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