Record no. 1 from 8/1/1625 to 10/22/1712

From the Christ year 1625, the 15th day of the month of August by grace and with the protection of God and the Virgin Mary.

In this book all of those who will join in matrimony will be recorded by order of the illustrious and reverend Signor Marsili Archbishop and Count of Chieti, during the period when Pietro di Torricella was abbot.


Translation of the first wedding

I, Pietro Abbot of Torricella, am full of undoubted faith while in these three days of celebration I record the marriage during a solemn holy mass between Cipriano D'Antrilli and Laura Di Marino in this month when we celebrate the holiday of San Pietro in Vincoli, the second Sunday from the eleventh one from the Pentecost, the third Sunday from the twelfth one from the Pentecost and, because there was no obstacle to this union, and with Giovanni Domenico Porreca present, between Giovanni Belardi Ficcaglia, I married them in the church of San Giacomo.

(See page 38)



* 5 marriages are recorded in the baptisms records



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